Brand incubator + launch program for purpose driven entrepreneurs

A new business idea is stirring in your heart. Is your vision 20/20?


If you wear glasses or contacts,


you know what it’s like when your eyesight starts to change. You’ll feel your eyes start to strain as they seek better alignment and you’ll likely experience consistent headaches. This is how you know it’s time to visit the optometrist.

This is kind of what it feels like when a new idea starts to shift in your heart, isn’t it?

Maybe you’re envisioning launching a new branch within your current business, or you’re seeking more alignment and want to start a totally new brand…

Something bolder and more impactful than ever before.

Something that will drastically change your industry for the better.

You can’t quite make out the shape of it yet and it’s just out of focus. You’re struggling to define it and wrap your mind around it. But even with your eyes closed, you know that it’s the next right step.

You’re ready to gain clarity, move forward, and do the damn thing.


Imagine if...

  • You had someone to guide you intuitively through the vision casting process, helping you reveal the details that already live deep inside of you

  • You could get your idea down on paper, succinctly verbalize your dream and goals, and see your new brand’s future with striking clarity

  • You understood exactly who this new brand would reach, how it would benefit your audience and impact the world, and what your signature offering would look like

  • You had a strategic game plan for building out your new brand’s sales copy PLUS expert templates to help you write it all and launch it to the world in 3 months or less



Hear what Kaylan had to say…..

I had TOO many ideas. I knew the right one was in my mind and heart SOMEWHERE, but I was getting distracted by all the things swirling in my head. Meeting with Kristen was the best. She asks questions that push you to dig deep, sift through what doesn’t matter, and discover what DOES. She’s so intuitive, inquisitive, and a brilliant leader. She helped me put words to these feelings in my heart of how I wanted to serve and show up in the world and who I wanted to bless with my business. Now my messaging is so intuitive and clear. I never have to question what to say. I KNOW!
— Kaylan Thompson, Joy to Lead
Kristen Achziger Going Ultraviolet Sales Page Copywriter

Hi, I'm Kristen!

Survey my colleagues and clients and they’ll tell you that asking good questions is my superpower.


FOR YEARS my business peers, mastermind friends, and clients have turned to me when their vision feels fuzzy. I open the floor for judgment-free brainstorming and by the time we’re done talking (whether that’s 15 minutes or an hour later) they’ve had at least one MAJOR EPIPHANY and practically dash off to go write everything down and take action.

The secret? I don’t tell them what to do. I simply ask intuitive, clarifying questions and watch as their answers begin to OVERFLOW and POUR OUT, answers that have been hiding deep within them all along.

I don’t know how I do it.

I just know that people tell me I’m freaking good at it.

My own brand has come into focus over the last several years, each phase bolder and more crystal clear than the last.

I pivoted my first business and launched Going Ultraviolet as an ethical sales copywriting business in 2018. I took on dozens of copy projects from a plethora of service providers, course creators, educators, coaches, and strategists who wanted to leave the world a better place than they found it.

After working with so many clients who wanted to impact their industries for good but couldn’t verbalize their core brand vision, I realized my own core vision ran much deeper than writing web pages and sales emails.

I needed to help purpose-driven entrepreneurs gain crystal clarity on their brand positioning FIRST so that

every offering they built,

every piece of marketing content they created,

and every word they wrote for their audience

would push them forward with massive momentum so their vision could run FREE and WILD and change the world for the better.

That’s why I built my 20/20 Vision Consulting Program.

To help CEOs just like you gain clarity, step into their true vision, and launch it to the world in just 3 months.



The 20/20 Vision Process

This brand incubator and launch program is built around 6 in-depth, value-rich consultation calls. Calls will take place on Zoom every other week. In between calls you’ll have implementation homework to make sure you’re launch-ready in just 3 months.


Bring your fuzziest, blurriest vision to our first meeting and lay it all out on the table. I’ll help you get out of your head and ask you clarifying questions to get you unblocked. Clients have been known to cathartically cry in this session. I’ll bring the virtual tissues and hugs!


As your sight becomes sharper and sharper, we’ll continue to flesh out your new brand voice and vision. I’ll help you begin to define your target audience, plan a few market research calls, and create a list of strategic questions to ask them so you can get into their brain.


I’ll help you envision, develop, and build out your new signature offering based on your market research notes. We’ll discuss the best ways to position it for your audience, map out its inclusions, and identify key benefits and results. Then you’ll set beta prices you feel comfortable with.


I’ll give you access to my signature, ethically-persuasive sales page templates and walk you through my best recommendations for creating a compelling landing page. You’ll write it on your own and I’ll give you my expert feedback. You’ll edit and publish so you can begin taking beta clients.


I’ll give you all my expert sales copy templates so your brand experience is truly consistent across your website, email list, and social platforms. Then we’ll make a strategic plan for launching your new brand to the world so you can market yourself in a way that feels aligned with who you are.


We’ll work together to brainstorm any systems, processes, workflows, and client questionnaires you’ll need for your new offering. You’ll develop and create those systems based on what we’ve identified is most strategic and scaleable so you can take on your first client with total confidence.


Check Out These Specs

Everything Included in My 20/20 Program

  • Six 1-hour consultation sessions via Zoom, held every other week (Plan for Session One to take up to 1.5 hours)

  • Helpful reflection notes and brand homework after each session, to be completed before the next session date

  • A private Google drive folder containing notes and video + audio recordings from each meeting

  • Access to my expert Sales Page Templates to write your own landing page copy + one 20-30 minute Loom video of my best revision recommendations, valued at $750 USD

  • Access to my signature Brand Voice Guidelines Template to help you flesh out your mission statement, brand tagline, rotating social media bios, and brand voice description, valued at $50 USD and not available for separate purchase

  • Access to my expert Welcome Sequence Email Template to help you draft and write a compelling, automated series of emails for new list subscribers, valued at $100 and not available for separate purchase

  • Access to my signature Launch Email Sequence Template to promote your new offering to your email list, valued at $150 USD and not available for separate purchase

  • A FREE copy of my “Gathering Strong Testimonials” resource, including the exact testimonial survey copy I use for all of my clients — yours to SWIPE and implement in your new client workflow!


Meeting with Kristen for Session 4 gave me a LITERAL jolt of clarity and energy. I sat down and wrote my sales page in ONE sitting. It was like she helped unleash the floodgates of my message! If you want to unleash the full power of your brand message so you can have a massively powerful business that naturally and intuitively attracts the right people - work with Kristen. There really is no other option. Trust me, I’ve looked! Finding Kristen was a LIFE SAVER.
— Kaylan Thompson, Joy to Lead


Ready to gain clarity around the vision that’s already inside you and share it with the world?

Join my beta program for just $2000 USD

Payment plans are available upon request.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who will benefit most from this program?
The 20/20 Vision Brand Incubator Program works best for CEOs who are familiar with running an online business, are ready to experience clarity and breakthrough around a NEW brand vision, and plan to launch a high-ticket offering (like consulting, coaching, masterminds, memberships, or industry-specific strategy programs). This program won’t be the right fit for you if you’re totally new to online business. Since I’m an ethical sales strategist, socially responsible branding and marketing is deeply embedded into this program. If you value money more than people, this also isn’t the best fit for you. If you consider yourself a high-achieving, enthusiastic, and mission-driven entrepreneur who truly loves to SERVE their clients well, THIS PROGRAM IS FOR YOU!

I feel like my vision is really blocked. Are you sure you’ll be able to help me uncover and define it?
Sometimes we struggle to clarify our vision because we’re too close to it. When you allow me into your brainstorming process, I’ll ask strategic, intuitive questions to get you out of your head and identify patterns, gaps, and missing pieces. Your vision will start to naturally illuminate and you may even experience a very cathartic emotional reaction as you fill in the blanks. (This is a safe place for that! After all, envisioning something so significant and meaningful is vulnerable work.) Essentially, I won’t tell you what your vision is… I’ll help you make room for it to come to the surface.

Will you help me write and implement my sales copy?
While copywriting and implementation is NOT included in this program, I will provide my BEST resources to help you share your new brand with the world and give you expert recommendations for each sales copy template. By joining the 20/20 program, you’ll get access to my signature sales page, brand voice guidelines, welcome sequence, and launch sequence templates (that Going Ultraviolet custom copy clients RAVE about) valued at over $1000 USD! Our Zoom sessions are meant to inspire MASSIVE EPIPHANIES that you take MASSIVE ACTION on. You’ll probably find yourself rushing to the sales page templates after Session Four ends, with words pouring out of you that you never knew were there! You might even finish drafting your page in as little as a day (which is what happened with my client Kaylan). Trust me. When the vision flows, you won’t need me to implement. You’ll be an unstoppable force.

Will you help me set my pricing and money goals?
I’ll give you general guidance with setting beta prices, but money goals are totally your domain and you should have a good idea of how pricing works in your industry. If you need more in-depth help with setting smart income goals, you’ll need to work with a financial advisor.

Can you guarantee that my new brand will be profitable?
Short answer: No. Long answer: Your results don’t just depend on me. You’ve got to hold up your part of the work. I can’t promise you that you’ll achieve overnight success (really, does that even exist?), find an ideal client to pay you right away, or reach the income goals you set for your business. But I WILL promise to give you 100% of my best brainstorming and strategy help. That’s what you’re paying me for. If you put in the work to build something incredible for an audience who WANTS it, consistently show up to market your offering, and make smart choices throughout the lifespan of your biz, there’s no limit to where you can take this.

Your vision is dying to be discovered. You’re tired of brainstorming alone.

You don’t have to struggle anymore.

Ready to go 20/20?