Investing in Your Relationships Outside of Working Hours

Investing in Your Relationships Outside of Working Hours |

"Have you tried Vitamin D and B12?" my friend asked. "They might help with your low energy."

I was shocked. Call me naive, but I didn't think vitamins could brighten my mood.

But I was desperate. I had been feeling so blah lately. So I grabbed my car keys and drove to the closest Target to find some.

I was incredulous when I felt a burst of energy 30 minutes after.

It dawned on me that because I spend most of my time in my home office, indoors, I was literally lacking in sunshine.

I had kinda been lacking in serotonin in general. Moving to a new city was stressful, even though I was super excited. It took a lot out of me and I attributed my blah days to simply being tired. 

But after taking my vitamins, my foggy brain found some clarity. I discovered that I was really craving the outdoors and missing my people.

If you spend most of your time in your home office, it's easy to feel a little isolated.

ESPECIALLY if your team is remote or your partner doesn't work with you.

Think about it. If you're cooped up inside all day without any in-person human interaction, you're likely to go a little stir-crazy.

Intentionally creating space in your week to invest in your friendships is so important. Here are a few ideas for getting in that much-needed social bonding outside of working hours.

5 Ways to Invest in Your Relationships Outside of Working Hours |

1. Have dinner together.

I find it fascinating that every culture centers around storytelling and food. There's just something about sharing a table and a meal with people that you love. Reach out to a friend and plan to grab dinner together.

2. Run errands together.

A good friend can always brighten up the most boring of tasks, yeah? If you've got a big grocery list or an event to prep for, call up one of your girls and invite them to join you. Many hands make light work, after all.

3. Volunteer together.

Grab a group of your besties and spend a Saturday volunteering with an organization or cause you love. There are so many types of nonprofits in the world, and they are all in need of helping hands. Find one whose mission resonates with you and spread the love.

4. Travel together.

One of the best ways to guarantee you'll take a step back from your biz to get some R&R is to book a flight or a hotel room. Plan a BFFs-only vacay for the end of the quarter, and make it something to look forward to!

5. Be present together.

If you don't have a lot of time, perhaps the best way to invest in your relationships is to simply be present with a friend. Take off the "CEO hat" for the evening and don't talk about work. Get back to the basics - what you're hoping for, what you're afraid of, what you'd love to try, or what you're looking forward to in the coming year. Just be yourself. Just be. Together.