3 Reasons Why Your Premium Offering Needs a Sales Page

GoingUltraviolet.com | 3 Reasons Why Your Premium Offering Needs a Sales Page

You've just poured your heart and soul into creating a premium offering for your clients... and they aren't biting.

You designed an online course, an all-inclusive coaching experience, a mastermind retreat, or a top-of-the-line design package that your ideal clients would LOVE.

You jam-packed it with value, making sure it reflected your very BEST work.

Then you revealed the big news on social media and sent an email out to your list... and heard crickets. Or maybe you saw some clicks and even got a few questions, but nobody has signed up yet.

You feel disheartened. Discouraged. Defeated.

You worry if maybe, just maybe, you read your followers' pain points the wrong way.

The cynical part of you comes out and you wonder if all your hard work is just a waste.

Friend, if you put in the time to research, create, and position something that is aligned with your dream clients, there's likely nothing wrong with your offering. 

You just need a way to explain it in a way that appeals to them and persuades them that you're the right fit.

Allow me to introduce you to your new profit-boosting BFF... the "humble" Sales Page.

A sales page is a page on your website that is dedicated to promoting ONE premium offering, with an end goal of turning site visitors into buyers. After setting a sales page up and directing traffic to your website, it'll do most of the persuading for you, allowing you to spend more of your time elsewhere (like actually fulfilling your offerings, caring for your clients, or spending time with your loved ones).

Here are three reasons why you should consider investing in a custom sales page to generate more profits:

1. A sales page leads your customers through an emotional journey where they feel like the hero.

A great sales page doesn't just blandly list your product specs or describe what's included in your service package. It stirs readers' emotions, captivates their hearts, and helps them visualize what their life could look like as a result of working with you. Your sales page should make them feel like the hero in a movie: pumped up and ready to commit and take action so that they can live the life of their dreams. (You play the role of the hero's mentor or guide who helps them fulfill their desires.)

PLUS, a sales page makes reading about your premium offering WAY more fun. People who feel entertained are much more likely to purchase than those who feel like they're just being sold to. Think about the last time you laughed during a movie trailer and decided to buy a ticket, or resonated with a sponsored Facebook post and decided to sign up for a newsletter list with PDF download. You eagerly handed them your money and email address because they entertained you AND provided value that benefitted you.

2. A sales page can help you respond to and squash reader objections at just the right moment in the consideration process.

When someone is investing their hard-earned money in a premium service or product, they understandably want to know if that offering is right for them. They're likely to have lots of questions and may also harbor some hidden objections. When they're just about convinced that they want to buy, those objections start to pop up:

Is it really worth the price? Isn't that too expensive?

Can't I google this and find the answer myself?

Can I get this cheaper somewhere else? Why should I hire YOU?

Is this really giving me the most bang for my buck?

Do I really have to hire someone else to do this for me?

Do any of those questions sound familiar? Odds are you've heard a few (if not all) of those at some point or another. Here's the good news: these questions really AREN'T about you. And they DON'T mean your reader isn't going to buy your offering.

Your clients just want to see if your offer is really worth it for them and if this is a good investment. A great sales page will ease their fears and show them your offering's VALUE far exceeds their worries.

3. A sales page establishes you as an expert.

Your clients want to know if you're qualified to teach them and guide them. They need to TRUST you in order to CHOOSE you and hand you their money.

Let me stop you before you rattle off your degrees or send them a photo of your resume. Your clients don't just want to see abbreviations after your name or a list of certifications you hold, they also want to see that YOU know where they are and how to get them to where they want to be... from lived experience.

They want to know how YOU did it.

A great sales page will tell your story of trial and error, show them the proof of what you've achieved, and communicate your authority on their pain points. This is the only time where bragging is even remotely acceptable. (P.S. There isa right way to do this. You should STILL keep in mind that THEY are the hero in this journey, not you.)

Readers who resonate with your story are much more likely to buy... because they TRUST you.

Okay. Whew. That was a lot! Repeat after me so you'll remember this forever:

Sales pages establish my clients as the heroes in the journey.

Sales pages reassure my clients that they are getting the most value for their dollar.

Sales pages help build trust between my clients and me as their service provider.

GoingUltraviolet.com | 3 Reasons Why Your Premium Offering Needs a Sales Page

Good news! Sales pages aren't just for webinars and online courses.

They're also great for coaching intensives, website design packages, specialty photography sessions, custom jewelry design, social media management, and so much more! Sales pages are great additions to most premium, high-ticket offerings.

If you've been wanting to sell your signature offering in a way that feels good to you and your clients, I want to invite you to book a free 20-minute consultation call with me. If we're a good fit together, we'll make some magic!

Then we'll watch your offerings sell, baby, sell!