WORKBOOK | The Ethical Expert's Guide to Writing a Persuasive Welcome Sequence

WORKBOOK | The Ethical Expert's Guide to Writing a Persuasive Welcome Sequence


Thoughtfully welcome your new email list subscribers, nurture them with value, establish your credibility, and lead readers to an entry-level sale with this helpful 12-page workbook.

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You may have heard welcome sequences being called “Indoctrination Sequences.”

Um, no. I’m going to put a stop to that right now.

“Indoctrination” has a really negative connotation — it’s most often associated with brainwashing — and we are NOT here to brainwash your clients into working with you. That’s GROSS.

At Going Ultraviolet, we don’t do manipulation. We do real, persuasive storytelling. That’s it. We tell our stories, share valuable content, and make the ask in a way that ethically and strategically leads clients to the sale but still leaves the ball in their court.

This 12-page PDF download will help you write a strong, compelling welcome sequence for your new email list subscribers. No manipulation or guilt trips required.


It would be unethical of me to promise that you’ll become more profitable simply by downloading a resource from my template shop. Your profitability also depends on if your ideal audience really wants your product or service, how well you market yourself online, and how great your website traffic is. If your offering has been well-received by your ideal clients and you generally get good traffic to your website, my sales copy templates could be great tools to add to your sales funnel and may stand a very good chance at helping you to convert more warm leads.