Sell your signature offering on auto-pilot, and do it ethically.

Strategic, compelling sales pages for course creators, coaches + strategists


Tell me if this sounds familiar.


You currently sell your signature offering through discovery calls and are excellent at making the sale face-to-face… but most of each call is spent easing fears, explaining your offering in greater detail, answering the same FAQs over and over, and qualifying the applicant.

This is taking up a lot of your time — time you could spend caring for your existing clients, traveling the world, bonding with your family, volunteering in your community, working on more profitable tasks, and scaling your business.

You’re ready to systematize your sales funnel by creating a long-form, persuasive sales page, but you want to make sure it’s a 100% ethical and guilt-free experience for your readers.



Imagine if...

  • You could articulate the benefits of your signature offering in an effective, ethical way that drew your ideal clients to the sale (and gracefully helped non-ideal clients to exit)

  • Your discovery calls were booked up by warm leads who were eager to work with you

  • You could enjoy extended trips away from your business, knowing your website was acting as a 24/7 sales rep

  • You had more time to serve your current clients with excellence, work on passion projects, or dream up new biz strategies to propel you forward

    with a custom sales page, you can have all this and more!


Happy Clients Have Said…..

Kristen is wildly talented but more than anything, I appreciate her focus on moving the buyer towards the intended outcome. This carries over into working with her and it was incredible to see how well she kept us on track with her edits and pointed questions. I highly recommend working with Kristen if you are worried your offer isn’t compelling enough (like my super-sexy topic of “legal”) or if you’re in an industry where building trust with your audience is critical (ahem... again... legal LOL). She’s incredibly talented at copy and such a fun person to work with.
— Christina Scalera, The Contract Shop

“Kristen helped me tug at the heartstrings of my ideal customers without being salesy or slimey. I feel 100% more confident in what I'm offering and how I'll talk about it! This process helped me gain so much clarity around my messaging, and gave me lots of ideas for follow-up content!”



“I didn't have the time or brain space to create my sales page on my own. Kristen gave me PEACE OF MIND. I knew the content was going to be ethical and something I was excited to show off - that meant so much to me! It also gave me a lot of confidence in my offer, which was an unexpected benefit!”


Kristen Achziger Going Ultraviolet Sales Page Copywriter

Hi, I'm Kristen!

I can’t wait to help you write the socially responsible, persuasive sales page of your dreams.


I’ve been writing for brands since 2012, when I launched my first small business. As I spent more time in the world of online marketing and discovered the power of strong web copy, I learned how to put my words to work for me so my website could do the heavy lifting of qualifying my leads while I worked on more profitable tasks.

There was just one problem.

Although I was having so much fun writing sales page and web copy for my clients, I was becoming more and more bothered by the copy content I saw being written by well-known entrepreneurs:

Copy that manipulated readers into purchasing items they didn’t actually need.

Copy that used fear tactics to scare people into making hasty decisions.

Copy that preyed on the insecurities of vulnerable populations.

Copy that used vague, sneaky promises to get more buyers.

It wasn’t just maddening. I found this infuriating.

I decided then and there that ethical persuasion would be the hill I would always die on.

You see, I believe in my bones that we are called to be our brothers’ and sisters’ keeper.

And money will NEVER appeal to me more than pursuing the good of my family.

The online entrepreneurial community is a beautiful place. It’s our responsibility to make sure we are impacting it for good with the products and services we create, and the way that we write and market ourselves. If you’ve been looking for a socially conscious copywriter, you’ve found her.


Your persuasive sales page will



the tangible results and emotional benefits your signature offering includes, showing clients exactly what they can expect



your leads by showing them exactly who your offering is for and who it isn't for, encouraging more of the right clients to buy



readers with ethical techniques — dissolving their fears, dispelling their doubts, and earning their trust (and the sale)



those sitting on the fence to take the next step — to apply, book a consultation, become a member, or make a purchase

Your readers will feel honored and cared for as we give them all the information that they’ll need to know to make a wise, informed decision. This kind of honesty will cultivate a relationship of trust, leading to more qualified leads and happier clients. It’s the Going Ultraviolet “signature sauce” that makes my work different and I’d be honored to serve you.


Here's How My Process Works:

Step One : The Consult

You and I will jump on a consultation call together and talk about your business (where it's at, where it's headed, and what your goals are) and my project availability.

Step Two : Getting Started

If we're a good fit together, we'll sign a contract, you'll pay your deposit to reserve your project start date, and I'll invite you to fill out a brand questionnaire to kick off the project. I'll create a private Google folder for your project where all contracts, questionnaires, and drafts will be uploaded and approved.

Step Three : The First Draft

Once your brand questionnaire is complete, I'll get started on the first draft of your sales page. When the draft is ready according to our project timeline, I'll send you a link to pay your final invoice. When payment is made I'll open the document for your review.

Step Four : Revision Requests

You'll jump into the draft, answer any comments I've left for you, and make revision requests. When you are finished with your review, I'll head in and make those final changes.

Step Five : Finalize + Upload

When your sales page copy is finalized and approved, I'll transfer you a PDF and RTF copy of the text, and you can upload it to your website on your own or have your designer upload it for you.

*Need designer recs? Email me! I’d be happy to share my favorites.

Step Six : Track Data + Refine

Publish your new sales page and take notes on your website analytics and traffic patterns. We'll reconvene in 30 days to make sure any conversion hiccups are taken care of.

That's all, folks. Easy Peezy.

Ready to profit and persuade with integrity?

Get your own custom sales page for just $2000 USD
Paid in two installments — 50% to book, 50% due at first draft


Frequently Asked Questions

Who will benefit most from a custom, long-form sales page?
Sales pages work especially well for established service providers with high-end, signature offerings (like course creators, coaches, strategists, and designers). When prospective clients will be spending a lot of money on a service, they want to feel reassured that they are making a wise investment. The goal of a long-form sales pages is to dissolve fear, dispel doubts, answer objections, and earn trust.

I offer a lower-priced service. Will a sales page work for me?
Yes, depending on the service. Typically, I'd recommend a custom sales page if your service is high in value, even if the price point is relatively low. For example, a business coaching membership site with a lower monthly fee can benefit from a standalone sales page because there is value in a long-term membership. On the other hand, a one-time coaching call is probably best suited for a small paragraph or two on your Services page. When you schedule a consultation with me, I’ll be able to tell you if a sales page is truly the best fit for your needs.

Will a custom sales page help me make more money?
It would be unethical of me to promise that you’ll become more profitable simply by hiring me to write your sales page. Your profitability also depends on if your ideal audience really wants your product or service, how well you market yourself online, and how great your website traffic is. If your offering has been well-received by your ideal clients and you generally get good traffic to your website, a sales page is a great tool to add to your sales funnel and may stand a very good chance at converting more warm leads.

I can’t afford a custom sales page right now, but I still need one. Can you help me? (OR: Can you show me how to write my own sales page?)
Yes! I’ve created a package that’s a hybrid between a DIY template and custom coaching, for $750 USD. What’s included: my sales page builder and sales page copy template (that I use for all custom client work), an in-depth Loom video walkthrough (approx. 20-30 min) of my personal suggestions for your first draft after you show me your completed builder doc, and one follow-up Loom video (approx. 20-30 minutes) with my best revision, structural, and formatting recommendations after you show me your draft. This option works best for those who consider themselves good to great writers. Book a sales page consultation with me to learn more. I’ll tell you all about it so you can determine which option is the right move for you!

Will you design my sales page?
Nope, I'm not a designer. I just write the copy. I have a few designers I can recommend, or you can use your own designer. Note: if you DON'T have a designer or aren't ready to invest in one, there's nothing stopping you from whipping up an easy SquareSpace page on your own (like I did here).

If I hire you, will you be able to match my brand voice?
Heck yes! I take great care to learn my client's business, target audience, and brand voice inside and out BEFORE I ever begin writing. If the language and vibe of your sales page doesn't match the rest of your brand, it won't convert very well. That doesn't fly around here! Rest assured that you're in good hands.

What if I don't know what my "brand voice" is?
No worries. I can help you get some clarity on that in our consultation call. And if you're not quite ready for a sales page, I'll tell you so. I won't ever manipulate you into giving me your hard-earned money if it's not a wise decision. You’re always in control of saying yes or no.

Can I see some examples of your work?
Absolutely! I'll give you a tour on our consultation call.