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Sales pages that don’t make your customers feel like sh*t.

Teaching values-driven entrepreneurs how to write empathetic sales pages that build enthusiasm for their offers and encourage more qualified leads to purchase (without using the harmful psychological tactics they hate).


You're getting eyes on your offer, but aren't selling as much as you know you could be.

You’re getting


on your offer,

but aren’t selling as much as you know you could be.

You have a hunch that your sales page copy isn’t clearly communicating the value of your product or service. But you can’t seem to nail your messaging.

What if I told you that you likely don’t need more emotional storytelling on the page… but that you actually aren’t meeting your customer’s real need for basic, practical information?

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Your humanized sales strategist!

To put it bluntly, too many small business owners are sacrificing the customer experience portion of the sales process in their desire for profitability.

Instead of creating marketing content that truly serves their audience, these business owners try to serve their own bottom line first… and their sales feel rushed, manipulative, and sleazy as a result.

Potential clients notice this and RUN. Don’t let that be
your story.

Instead, decide to fully support your customers in the vulnerable window shopping phase. Communicate the inclusions, quality, and value of your offerings with transparency and integrity. Address their hesitations clearly and honestly. Ditch the fear tactics you’ve been pressured into using and persuade with JOY.

The result? More qualified sales that feel good for you AND your customers, and stronger referrals going forward.

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Do it yourself

Sales Page Toolkit

My manipulation-free sales page methodology, expert template documents, and 18+ video tutorials to help you draft your own content!

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Done for you

Custom Sales Page

Let me do the heavy lifting for you. I’ll write a humanized sales page for your online course, group coaching program, or high-end service!

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“I knew there was a lot of psychology that plays into a great sales page.

While I have some experience, I wanted an expert to guide me through the process so that I could create my own high-converting sales page. Kristen was so wonderful to work with: clear, concise, inspiring, and super organized.”


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