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Ethical sales psychology resources for course creators and strategists

You stand behind your products and services 100% and are ready to ask for the sale, but you want to make sure your persuasion is socially responsible and leaves potential clients feeling honored and respected. I have good news. This is totally possible and can lead to more qualified sales. Win-freaking-win.

Hi, I’m Kristen!

I geek out over grammar, can't keep my nose out of novels, and am wooed by the written word. But the most important thing you need to know about me is that I'm obsessed with ethical persuasion.

In 2018 I found myself feeling fed up with the manipulative, sleazy sales copy that had infiltrated my social media feeds and inbox. I knew in my gut that there had to be a better way for business owners to successfully market their products and services to potential clients without using scarcity and fear tactics. So I did the research and found some incredible ethical guidelines that have changed the way I write and sell, for the better.

Going Ultraviolet isn’t just the name of my brand. It’s a movement for all of us who are tired of following the status quo and are ready to create a new wave of socially responsible entrepreneurship.

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A Sampling of My Services

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Hybrid Sales Pages

Want to write your sales page yourself? If you consider yourself a good writer, this is the package for you! I’ll give you access to my expert sales page templates and provide custom coaching as you write.


Custom Sales Pages

Got a high-value product or service? Put your words to work for you. An ethically-persuasive, custom sales page will help you sell your signature offering with more ease and less back-and-forth convos in your inbox.


Epiphany Sessions

Is your established brand struggling to reach your ideal clients? It could a gap in your ethical sales techniques or misaligned brand positioning. My new 1-hour consult sessions can help you gain clarity.

Happy Clients

Kristen is wildly talented but more than anything, I appreciate her focus on moving the buyer towards the intended outcome. This carries over into working with her and it was incredible to see how well she kept us on track with her edits and pointed questions. I highly recommend working with Kristen if you are worried your offer isn’t compelling enough (like my super-sexy topic of “legal”) or if you’re in an industry where building trust with your audience is critical (ahem... again... legal LOL). She’s incredibly talented at copy and such a fun person to work with.
— Christina Scalera, The Contract Shop

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