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Website & Sales Copywriting Projects

for small businesses, course creators, digital product makers, consultants, organizations, coaches, service providers, educators, membership creators, and more!

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You’re ready to invest in strong copy for your website, but you’re not just looking for a writer who likes to make words sound pretty.

You’re looking for a sales copywriter who knows how to write strategic content that cares for your customers and warms up your leads… without resorting to trendy scare tactics.

Hi, I’m Kristen.

I started Going Ultraviolet because I knew in my BONES that websites don’t have to be ridiculously complicated or manipulative in order to convert.

I dug deep into research to develop a more streamlined, ethical methodology for websites and sales pages. When I used my strategies with custom copy clients, they saw results.

If you’re looking for empathetic, clear, and compelling sales copy for your business, let’s get writing!

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Humanized Sales Psych
at a Glance.

A Look Into My Unique Methodology

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Anticipate Questions

Your prospective customers have a problem and are looking for a solution. Now they’re “window shopping” to find the best brand for their needs. They’ll have a lot of questions about what you do, how you do it differently than your competitors, what your offers include, who they work best for, and how much they cost.

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Cultivate Trust

Clarity is key to caring for your customers in this vulnerable shopping stage. Using joy and benefit-centered language to persuade will always be more effective than coercion. By answering their questions with thoughtfulness, transparency, and excitement, you’ll demonstrate your credibility and build trust.

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Invite to Purchase

Once customers feel safe and have a detailed understanding of your offers, they can make a wise, informed decision on whether they want to purchase or not. By allowing customers to prequalify themselves you’ll earn the sale from more ideal customers who will become raving fans and attract more just like them.

Let’s Revamp Your Web & Sales Page Copy

Custom Sales Page

Send warm leads from your email list to a sales page strategically written to explain your offering, illustrate the results they can expect if they purchase, address FAQs, prequalify leads, and persuade to the sale.

Investment: 3000 USD
An illustrated icon of a desktop computer displaying a website page.

Let’s Revamp Your Web & Sales Page Copy

Custom Website Copy

You’re pivoting into new territory, launching a new site, or need to make hefty changes to your current site. We’ll get your brand up to speed and overhaul your entire website for a major brand upgrade.

Investment: Starting at 4000 USD
An illustrated icon of a desktop computer displaying a website page.

Let’s Revamp Your Web & Sales Page Copy

Unf*ck Your Sales Page

Hire me to strategically edit a sales page that already exists. I’ll tighten up your sales structure, boost your page’s production value, and make YOUR words sound like you paid ME the big bucks. And I’ll do it in two days flat.

Investment: 1500 USD
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“I knew there was a lot of psychology that plays into a great sales page.

While I have some experience, I wanted an expert to guide me through the process so that I could create my own high-converting sales page. Kristen was so wonderful to work with: clear, concise, inspiring, and super organized.”


Let’s Enhance Your Brand Voice

Brand Manifesto

A poetic piece of copy that articulates your brand values and captures the heart of your dreamiest prospective client, igniting a bond between kindred spirits and prequalifying your best leads.

Investment: 300 USD
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Let’s Revamp Your Web & Sales Page Copy

Brand Voice Development

Not ready for custom copy but want to make sure your DIY copy sounds completely on-brand, no matter what you’re writing? Let’s start by getting really clear on your brand voice and tone so your future content attracts the right client.

Investment: Starting at 400 USD
An illustrated icon of a desktop computer displaying a website page.

Let’s Revamp Your Web & Sales Page Copy

Instagram 9-Grid Strategy Session

Burnt out from social media content creation? We'll collaboratively develop a static sales funnel to replace (or sit on top of) your current Instagram feed and nurture new leads so you can focus on the parts of social that are actually driving most of your engagement.

Investment: 900 USD
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“Kristen took our website copy to heights we didn’t realize were possible.

She incorporated our ideas, brainstormed with us, and added her wealth of expertise to guide us in the best direction to meet our clients right where they’re at. Kristen talked us through difficult parts of the project with patience and encouragement and took all the burden of writing effective copy off of us by truly understanding our clients’ needs and producing copy that reaches the heart at a deep level. She has been the wind beneath the wings of our website project and we are so grateful to work with her!”


How It Works

Step One

You'll sign up for a complimentary Voxer consult chat, where you’ll tell me all about your brand and upcoming projects. I’ll send you a custom proposal with a few options based on your budget needs.

Step Two

You’ll select the package you’d like to move forward with (or ask for further customizations), sign a contract, and pay a deposit invoice to reserve your project start date and estimated timeline.

Step Three

We’ll begin the onboarding process and I’ll send you an extensive questionnaire. After I review this and your other brand materials, we’ll meet for a 1-hour strategy call to go over your answers and address any gaps.

Step Four

I’ll begin drafting your content according to our timeline. On a draft delivery date, you’ll receive a Google doc with your pages laid out in organized sections. We’ll kick off Revision Round 1 and you’ll leave comments for me.

Step Five

After you’ve left your first round of comments, I’ll implement all your requests and feedback. I’ll return a new draft to you and we’ll kick off Revision Round 2, our final round before finalizing your copy.

Step Six

After reviewing the implemented changes, we’ll walk through your entire document of copy one last time to clean up any last details. You’ll sign off with your approval and we’ll pass your brand new copy to your designer!

Frequently Asked Questions

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