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An illustrated icon of a few text message pop ups that say: “Am I just not nailing my messaging? My offer is awesome… so why is my audience hesitant? Why aren’t the persuasive techniques the gurus taught me working? Why the heck is this so hard?”

You want to sell more seats to your online course

and you’re wondering if your DIY sales funnel copy is causing your low conversions.

It’s not what you think.

If your sales funnel copy isn’t converting, it’s tempting to double down on the popularized persuasive techniques you’ve seen all over the industry. Surely content that’s chock-full of “empathy” and “mindset-busting” will rake in the profits, right?

Wrong. Savvy customers see right through emotional manipulation and they deserve better.

Your copy could definitely be a reason you’re experiencing low conversions from your sales funnel. But not because it needs even more dramatic storytelling or fancy-footed persuasion…

Your sales funnel copy might not be converting because it’s not PRACTICAL enough. Your best-fit customers have practical problems that require practical solutions.

Your offer might be just what they’re looking for… but if you aren’t giving them enough practical details about your offer, they’ll have NO IDEA they’ve just found gold and they’ll keep scrolling.

An illustrated icon of a text message pop up that says: “So how do I do that?”

It’s simple.
Just sell like a human.

An illustration of two speech bubbles.
Step One:

Anticipate Questions

Your prospective customers have a problem and are looking for a solution. Now they’re “window shopping” to find the best brand for their needs. They’ll have a lot of questions about what you do, how you do it differently than your competitors, what your offers include, who they work best for, and how much they cost.

An illustration of a handshake.
Step Two:

Cultivate Trust

Clarity is key to caring for your customers in this vulnerable shopping stage. Using joy and benefit-centered language to persuade will always be more effective than coercion. By answering their questions with thoughtfulness, transparency, and excitement, you’ll demonstrate your credibility and build trust.

An illustration of a credit card.
Step three:

Invite to Purchase

Once customers feel safe and have a detailed understanding of your offers, they can make a wise, informed decision on whether they want to purchase or not. By allowing customers to prequalify themselves you’ll earn the sale from more ideal customers who will become raving fans and attract more just like them.

Hi, I’m Kristen, your ethical sales copywriter.

I’ve been writing for brands since 2012 and launched Going Ultraviolet in 2018 as a direct response to the manipulative, hollow marketing tactics I saw filling my inbox.

What started as frustration-fueled research on ethical persuasion led to an epiphany:

Sales can be easy if you just treat your reader like humans, satisfy their need for information, and serve them to the sale.

Together we can create sales copy that helps your audience feel safe and leads more qualified customers to purchase!

A headshot of Kristen Achziger with long, curly, teal green hair. She is smiling and wearing a black and white polka dot dress with a pair of glasses.
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The Ultraviolet Manifesto

We are the

rebellious ones.

The ones that

don’t fit the mold,

don’t want to,

and never will.

We’re not satisfied

with the status quo.

Not enticed by the

gentle lull of complacency

and not tempted by

the way things

have always been done.

We aren’t in this gig to

worship hustle.

An illustration of clapping hands.

We took the leap into


in pursuit of


More freedom.

More joy.

More opportunity.

More impact.

For our communities, families, industries, and selves.

There is so much good work to be done in this world

and we are pioneering new ways forward

to bring it to LIFE.

We believe in people

over profit, always.

We believe in the transformative power

of wild generosity.

We believe success in business

is measured by the legacy we leave,

not the amount of money we make.

And we believe in having the courage

to do good FIRST

so that others will be brave enough to go second.

We build missionally

toward a brighter future

for us all.

We will leave our industries

better than we found them.

We are Ultraviolet,

the highest frequency
of visible light.

We illuminate Good

wherever we go.

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