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Hey! I'm Kristen.
You can call me your freedom writer.


Most sales copy frustrates you.

This is the third time this month you’ve unsubscribed from a webinar series that felt misleading or downright abusive. You’re fed up with persuasive content that feels manipulative, sleazy, and gross. Sometimes you say to yourself, “If this is what online marketing has to look like, count me OUT.”

I knew I liked you. We’re kindreds.

In fact, I was so furious after attending one such webinar that I immediately took my anger to the good ol’e Internet and decided to research ethical persuasion guidelines for myself.

You know what I found?

They existed.

One ethics evaluation tool, the T.A.R.E.S. Test (created by Sherry Baker and David L. Martinson), made my heart SING. I knew I was onto something good, so I began to use it with all of my copy clients.

I’ve never looked back.

Your web copy can be both powerfully persuasive AND extremely honoring to your clients. It just takes a bit of thoughtfulness, compassion, and humanity.

Together we can create web copy you’ll be proud to share, because you’ll know it’s filled with integrity and will leave a positive impact on the entrepreneurial community. Ready to get started?