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Sales Page Toolkit

My manipulation-free sales page methodology, expert template documents, and captioned video tutorials to help you draft!

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You’re building a business grounded in purpose and aligned with your values.

You currently sell an online course, membership, coaching program, or high-ticket service that you’re really proud of. You’re getting some great folks in the door. You just wish more customers were saying YES!

Much of your energy is spent emailing or DMing potential customers back and forth to give extra teaching, explain your philosophy, and answer the same questions over and over. Your offer holds the solution to the problems these customers face and you want to help them understand the value of investing with you.

Developing a sales page that helps hesitant leads pre-qualify themselves for your offer feels like the perfect next step. But you’re totally over the dozens of sleazy, manipulative sales pages you’ve read that don’t reflect your values.

You’re a leader. Integrity matters to you. You want your content to establish trust and help customers feel safe.

You’re looking for a sales page structure that doesn’t make your customers feel like sh*t, meets their needs, and persuades with enthusiasm… not coercion.

I have some good news.
You just found it.

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The Sales Page Toolkit was designed to help you…

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Understand the sales psych behind sales pages that feel exciting and sleaze-free to your customers, so you can quickly write new pages with ease for your upcoming launches.

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Articulate the benefits of your offer in an effective, ethical way that draws more ideal customers to the sale and gracefully helps non-ideal customers to exit.

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Amplify the results of your launch emails and social media content by warming up hesitant leads who have a lot of questions about what you’re selling.

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Book up more of your group coaching spots, fill more membership seats, and sell more digital products to people who are eager to work with you and don’t balk at your rates.

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Establish trust and credibility with your customers, encouraging more of them to purchase from you in the future even if they don’t buy right now.

I’ll teach you how to write a sales page that speaks your client’s language, honors their needs, and reduces friction so you can keep doing what you do best:

Leading your business (and your industry) forward.

It all started when a sales copywriter asked herself a simple question…

What if sales pages didn’t have to be so shady?

Hi, I’m Kristen!

I’ve been writing for brands since 2012 and launched Going Ultraviolet in 2018 as a direct response to the manipulative, hollow marketing tactics I saw in the entrepreneurial space.

What started as frustration-fueled research on ethical persuasion led to an epiphany:

Sales can be easy if you just treat your readers like humans, satisfy their need for information, and serve them to the sale.

A sales page doesn’t need to be over-the-top emotional, needlessly long, or filled with false scarcity in order to convert.

It needs to fully support your new customers in their vulnerable window shopping phase by communicating the inclusions, quality, and value of your offerings with transparency and integrity.

Honestly addressing a customer’s hesitations and persuading with JOY builds more trust and credibility than the shame-filled and pressure-based tactics that are commonly taught by industry gurus. The bottom line?

Humanized sales pages lead to qualified sales that feel good for you AND your customers, resulting in stronger referrals that lead to a more profitable business in the long-term.

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“I knew there was a lot of psychology that plays into a great sales page.

While I have some experience, I wanted an expert to guide me through the process so that I could create my own high-converting sales page. Kristen was so wonderful to work with: clear, concise, inspiring, and super organized.”


The Sales Page Toolkit Includes

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Expert Templates

The very same builder and drafting templates I use with my custom copywriting clients, broken down with step-by-step instructions.

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Video Tutorials

16 captioned tutorials to give you guidance as you draft, section by section, and private access to a dummy sales page for inspiration.

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Bonus Resources

Product description mini template; testimonial survey content; and swipe copy for common offer inclusions, sales page FAQs, section headlines + more!

Plus, you’ll get all updates to the kit for LIFE!

(Yep, that means access to new modules, bonuses, and special features anytime they drop.)

Preview Content

Sales Page Psych 101
Using Strategic Testimonials

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Are you a BIPOC business owner?

Reparations matter. I am now offering a BIPOC scholarship on the Sales Page Strategy Kit to make it more accessible to marginalized business owners who deserve the same shot at achieving their dreams! Please see the FAQ’s below for a scholarship code.

A headshot of Kaylan, a smiling brunette woman with bangs in a denim jumpsuit.

“Kristen’s template helped me go from zero to fully launched with my coaching services in just ONE MONTH!

If you’re on the fence about snagging this, let me assure you - Kristen goes FULL FREAKING FORCE into everything she does. She holds nothing back.”

A headshot of Dontea’, a smiling Black woman with long braids, wearing a pink shirt and sporting a matching pink manicure.

“Kristen’s Sales Page Toolkit was beyond helpful.

It made copywriting so much easier than I expected it to be. Her videos break things down so simply and it honestly feels like she is holding your hand through the whole process. Also, all of the swipe copy bonus material is just what you need to get you over the stuck points. So great. Totally recommend!”


Not all sales page templates are created equally.

I get it! There are so many sales page templates available and it’s probably been difficult for you to choose which is best for your needs. Here are a few things that make mine different:

A check mark symbol.

I don’t teach sleazy sales copy, ever.

I’ll never teach you to coerce or manipulate your readers. My sales methodology is client-centered and ethically grounded. You can feel GOOD about the sales copy I teach you how to write in this kit, knowing your audience will feel supported and served when they read it.

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My template kit is NOT a swipe file.

I’ll tell you what to write and where (and even throw in a lot of customizable ideas), but I won’t do you a disservice by writing your whole sales page for you. Cheap templates aren’t persuasive, don’t last long, and won’t propel your business forward. I’ll teach you the PSYCH behind a great page so you can easily write fresh, persuasive copy anytime you need a new sales page!

A check mark symbol.

My template won’t put readers to sleep.

My sales page structure contains just 14 succinct and persuasive sections designed to meet your customer’s needs as they consider your offer… without overwhelming them with an avalanche of unhelpful information or codependent emotional baggage.

You might wanna snag this kit if…

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You are launching a brand new offer to your audience and want your sales page done right from the start to help warm up your leads over time.

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You have a proven offer that gets fair, good, or even great sales (or traffic) and you are ready to update and strengthen your sales page to see even better conversions.

A check mark symbol.

You get a lot of confused feedback about your existing sales page or a lot of questions about your offer in your inbox that you swore you answered on your website.

A check mark symbol.

You’re a good writer and want to write your own sales page content instead of relying on generic swipe files that don’t fit your brand.

A check mark symbol.

You understand that a sales page is just one piece of the marketing puzzle, not a miracle “missing link” that will make you lots of money without other efforts.

A check mark symbol.

Building an ethical brand is important to you and you are eager to learn how to sell without manipulating vulnerable people into buying your offers.

You might wanna skip if…

A red X symbol.

You need a cash injection ASAP, are flinging a lot of spaghetti at the wall in a panic, and are hoping a new sales page can be your “hail Mary.”

A red X symbol.

You aren’t sure if your offer is something your ideal customer really wants but you don’t have time to test it or help them warm up to it.

A red X symbol.

You’re looking for a template that looks like That One Guru’s sales page (a ton of emotional dumping, mindset manipulation, etc.) and found my website by accident.

A red X symbol.

You really hate writing and DIY templates but are crossing your fingers you’ll actually use this. Skip this kit and save up to hire a copywriter who will write a custom sales page for you!

A red X symbol.

You’re building a pressure-based funnel and are looking for a sales page template that includes tripwires, countdown timers, and other false scarcity tactics.

A red X symbol.

You’re really hesitant about the idea of ethical persuasion and would rather use popular, “traditional” marketing techniques even if they’re harmful.

A headshot of Erin, a smiling blond woman with short curly hair in a blue floral shirt taking a sip of her iced coffee.

“After publishing my sales page and launching my offer, I ended up with 22 members!

My ‘stretch’ goal was 20! They were even asking me to open early but I didn’t. Some people sent messages saying ‘TAKE MY MONEY!’ before I even announced the price!”

A headshot of Morgan, a smiling woman with long, black curly hair in a dark purple shirt and a black blazer.

“Kristen’s tutorials were super helpful and encouraging.

Writing copy does not come easy to me, but her videos breaking down each section of the sales page made it a FUN, easier process. I would watch a video, write the section, and then move on to the next. The way that she breaks down each aspect of a sales page is so clear and easy to understand. I highly recommend her Toolkit!”


Asked & Answered

Before you write your next sales page, make sure you know how to do it effectively.

An illustration of a stop sign.

STOP buying copy and paste templates from gurus who are NOT strategic copywriters but get away with bad sales page copy because they have a viral cult following and a huge ads budget.

STOP wasting time on manipulative tactics that disrespect your customers, give them the ick factor, and send them running for the hills.

An illustration of a stop sign with the word "start" on it.

START infusing service and value into your sales page copy to catalyze customer excitement and trust that turns into healthier sales and happier profits!

We don’t do flimsy content around here. Expect actual strategies that you can put to work immediately.

Still wondering if an ethical sales page structure feels strong, helpful, and persuasive to customers? You just read one. I’ll let you answer that question. ;)

Ready to dive in?

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Join now with one easy installment

Lifetime access to the kit and all updates

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2 Month Pay Plan


/mo for 2 months

Pay one installment now, one in 30 days

Lifetime access to the kit and all updates

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Are you a BIPOC business owner?

Reparations matter. I am now offering a BIPOC scholarship on the Sales Page Strategy Kit to make it more accessible to marginalized business owners who deserve the same shot at achieving their dreams! Please see the FAQ’s above for a scholarship code.

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