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Lead more best-fit customers to the sale, ethically.

Custom sales page copy for digital courses, memberships, group coaching programs, premium services, and more!

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Mythbusters: Sales Page Edition

Is a sales page the same thing as a landing page? Nope!

Let’s make sure we’re both talking about the same thing before you keep reading about my custom sales page service. Ready to learn some copywriter vocab?

Sales Page

A sales page is a single, extended page of persuasive copy dedicated to selling ONE premium product or service.

This page is written with one target audience in mind and includes a bit of storytelling, juicy details about all your offer includes, testimonials, and FAQs!

You can read one of my sales pages written for a digital product here.

Service Page

A service page is a place for customers to find a SUMMARY of the services you offer (or a thoughtful breakdown of ONE service).

Each service may include a button that leads to your calendar booking software, a contact form, or a sales page where they can gather more information.

Occasionally, a service page might include deeper details about your process or FAQs. You can see my service page here.

Landing Page

A landing page is a simple page of copy that leads site visitors to take ONE specific action (usually to sign up for a freebie or purchase a low-priced, low-commitment offer).

This page may include a bit of storytelling, but it is far less persuasive in nature than a sales page.

The #1 Goal of a Sales Page

While a long-form, persuasive sales page can (and should!) help you encourage more warm leads to purchase your offer, its first goal is actually to SERVE your customer.

When a customer first checks out your website, they are in the vulnerable window-shopping phase. They are looking for a solution to a specific problem that they have and they might be feeling a bit stressed.

You might have the perfect resource for their needs, but to make a safe, informed decision they can feel good about, these customers want to read up on all the practical details about your offer so they can prequalify themselves to buy.

A sales page should NOT be designed to emotionally manipulate a vulnerable person into buying something they don’t want or need. Writing a thoughtful sales page is actually an act of generous customer service, which boosts your credibility and builds trust in you as an expert they can trust.

Remember: you want to sell to the RIGHT person, not EVERY person.

A sales page built to SERVE results in happier, healthier profits in the long-run and fewer refund requests.

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What offers work best with sales pages?

A sales page is perfect for an offer that is:

  • very expensive or high in value
  • complicated or includes lots of awesome bells and whistles
  • usually met with hesitancy or caution

The following list is not exhaustive by any means, but here are four popular offers that pair extremely well with sales pages:

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Online Course or Digital Resource

A sales page gives vital context to a digital educational resource to help potential customers understand the benefits of investing in your solution instead of another.

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High-end, Elite Service

A sales page can help clarify what your signature service actually looks like: who it’s for, what’s included, and what customers can expect when they hire you.

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1-on-1 or Group Coaching Program

A sales page can help establish trust in you as a coach, generate excitement about your methodology, and help customers feel safe enough to join your program.

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Recurring Membership

A sales page can reduce churn and turnover by helping you prequalify your leads so that you’ll get more of the right customers who are more likely to stay long-term.

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“Kristen is wildly talented but more than anything, I appreciate her focus on moving the buyer towards the intended outcome.

This carries over into working with her and it was incredible to see how well she kept us on track with her edits and pointed questions. I highly recommend working with Kristen if you are worried your offer isn’t compelling enough (like my super-sexy topic of “legal”) or if you’re in an industry where building trust with your audience is critical (ahem… again… legal LOL). She’s incredibly talented at copy and such a fun person to work with.”

A Persuasive Sales Page Should

Illustrate the tangible results and emotional benefits

your signature offering includes, showing customers exactly what they can expect.

Prequalify your leads

by showing them exactly who your offering is for and who it isn't for, encouraging more of the right customers to buy.

Serve customers

by answering their questions with thoughtfulness and transparency, which demonstrates credibility.

Motivate those sitting on the fence

to take the next step — to apply, book a consultation, become a member, or make a purchase.

This is the Going Ultraviolet “signature sauce” that makes my work different and I’d be honored to serve you.

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“Kristen helped me tug at the heartstrings of my ideal customers without being salesy or slimey.

I feel 100% more confident in what I’m offering and how I’ll talk about it! This process helped me gain so much clarity around my messaging, and gave me lots of ideas for follow-up content!”


Here’s How My Process Works:

Step One: The Consult

You'll sign up for a complimentary Voxer consult chat and talk about your business (where it’s at, where it’s headed, and what your goals are).

Step Two: Getting Started

If we’re a good fit, we’ll sign a contract and you’ll pay your deposit to reserve your project start date. When your project starts, I’ll invite you to fill out a very thorough brand questionnaire. I’ll create a private Google folder for your project where all contracts, questionnaires, and drafts will be uploaded and approved.

Step Three: The Strategy Call

Once your brand questionnaire is complete, we’ll meet on Zoom (or over the phone) for a 1-hour strategy call to talk through our plan. I’ll cover any gaps I found in your questionnaire to make sure we’re both on the same page.

Step Four: The First Draft

I’ll get started on the first draft of your sales page. When the draft is ready according to our project timeline, I’ll send you a link to pay your final invoice. When payment is made I’ll open the document for your review.

Step Five: Revisions

You’ll jump into the draft, answer any comments I’ve left for you, and make revision requests. When you are finished with your review, I’ll head in and make those changes. We’ll have two rounds of revisions to make sure you are absolutely in love with your copy.

Step Six: Finalize + Upload

When your sales page copy is finalized and approved, you can upload it to your website on your own or have your designer upload it for you. Need designer recs? Email me! I’d be happy to share my favorites.

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“I didn’t have the time or brain space to create my sales page
on my own.

Kristen gave me PEACE OF MIND. I knew the content was going to be ethical and something I was excited to show off - that meant so much to me! It also gave me a lot of confidence in my offer, which was an unexpected benefit!”


Ready to profit and persuade
with integrity?

Custom sales page copy projects are available for $3200 USD each and typically paid in two installments — 50% to book, 50% due at first draft. Additional payment plans and bundled project discounts are available upon request.

Please Note

Sales page projects take 1.5 months to complete from start to finish. Please reach out about 2 months prior to your launch to accommodate this time frame. Rush projects are not guaranteed to be accepted and may result in rush fees.

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