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2 Subtle Ways Your Website Copy Might Be Hindering Conversions


Is your website copy text converting as well as it could be?

Every day your organization attracts new leads, sees more contact form submissions, and continues to field inquiries from excited customers.

It sounds like you’ve got a good system going. Something is clearly working for you right now! But much like your favorite gadgets, cars, and tech, a strategic update has the potential to make a good thing even greater.

Even if your current website seems to be getting the job done, here are two subtle ways your website copy text might be hindering you from seeing more conversions… and why it might be time to hire a web copywriter.

1. Your brand or target audience has pivoted in the last 6 months, but your copy hasn’t changed in over a year.

One of the hallmarks of a great business is its ability to pivot on a dime. Visionary CEOs make fast decisions to shake things up, change their course of action, or refine their brand every day. Often (perhaps with the exception of adding a new service page or making an occasional quick edit) strategic updates to a brand’s website copy don’t move at the same pace.

At best, website copy that lags behind sends mixed signals to site visitors and introduces more friction to the sales process. At worst, long-forgotten website content that feels totally outdated costs a company valuable leads.

Website copy is not a one-time investment. It should be strategically updated when your brand makes large shifts. If your business or target audience has changed significantly in the last 6 months but you haven’t invested in copy in over a year, a strategic update can help you meet and potentially exceed your conversion goals.

2. Your current website copy text may be causing feelings of overwhelm for your site visitors.

One of the biggest obstacles consumers face in making a purchase, booking a consultation, or giving a business their information is feeling overwhelmed in the critical window shopping phase. This can happen as a result of a few different factors:

Your might have too much website content. Low readability and disorganization on your main website pages can stop even the most eager customer from clicking through the rest of your website and taking the action you want them to take.

Your site may provide too little context that buyers need to feel safe. Neglecting to mention the most basic details about your services can frustrate customers who are short on time and deter them from inquiring.

Your website copy may be too far above the head of your ideal client. Website copy that fails to speak your ideal customer’s language can effectively douse hot leads with ice water. Your brand voice needs to meet them at their level if you want to close the deal.

Has your brand made a significant pivot in the last two quarters? Considering hiring a website content writer in the next few months? I’d love to chat with you about your needs.

You can learn more about my custom website copy services or book a complimentary Voxer consult with me here.

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