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Sales Pages

Does Your Offer Need a Service Page, Landing Page, Product Page, or a Sales Page


Let’s learn some vocabulary.

I've been hearing a copywriting terminology mixup in the online business space lately. There seems to be some confusion around the difference between landing pages, service pages, product pages, and sales pages. They are NOT the same thing and do NOT serve the same purpose.

Today I want to teach you some copywriting terminology so we’re all on the same page. Ha!

Landing Page

A landing page's goal is leading your site visitors to take ONE SPECIFIC action. Usually, this goal is helping visitors sign up for a FREE or low-priced offer that requires a low commitment.

This page might be short and sweet or it may be a little longer (similar to the length of an extended service page) depending on how much persuasion needs to occur, but it's still less emotional than a sales page because the customer's investment is smaller.

For example: You might create a landing page for a particular opt-in gift. Once they give you their email address, you send them a freebie and add them to your email list, where they will continue to be nurtured and warmed up over time. Think of a landing page as the beginning of your sales funnel!

Service Summary Page

This is a page where your FULL service suite is listed and each package's details are given. Each package displayed may have a separate CTA button leading to a call, payment form, application, service page, product page, or sales page where readers can get more information.

For example: A graphic designer may sell a logo-only package, a web design package, a logo + web design package, and a DIY website template and their respective CTA buttons may lead to different pages.

Logo-Only Design Package > BUTTON > Discovery Call Calendar

Web Design Package > BUTTON > Service Page

Logo + Web Design Premium Package > BUTTON > Sales Page

DIY Website Template > BUTTON > Product Page

Click here to view my own Service Summary Page

Service or Product Page

This page specifically addresses ONE service package (or digital product) and gives a bit more context to it, like a demonstration of your methodology or process, inclusions, and a list of FAQs.

A service page is a little longer than an average web page but it isn't as extensive or as emotionally persuasive as a sales page because overall, the service featured on a page like this is still pretty straightforward and the inclusions are easy to explain.

Some examples:

A wedding photographer may choose to write a service page for an elopement package that outlines her shooting style, shares a bit about her experience, and answers some common questions. A coach might choose to write a digital product page for a printable workbook kit to explain the kit's contents, address who it's best for, and share testimonials. An online course creator may choose to write a simpler product page for a new course they're launching OR a longer sales page if their course is a bit more complicated and needs to be sold with more storytelling and persuasion techniques.

Click here to view one of my Product Pages

Click here to view one of my Service Pages

Sales Page

A sales page is an in-depth page focused on selling ONE premium offering that is expensive or high in value to a hesitant or cautious buyer who needs more hand-holding and emotional support.

This kind of page is especially useful if your offer is complicated and includes a lot of bells and whistles because it gives enough SPACE to clearly break down those details and communicate their benefits.

A sales page involves more emotional persuasion than the other pages I've mentioned, but contrary to what a lot of experts will tell you, it doesn't have to rely on manipulative tactics in order to do its job.

For example: A sales page is great for a digital product bundle, a premium service, a very detailed online course, a group coaching program, a mastermind, or a monthly membership. Not all of those things are super high in price, but they're all high in value or have the ability to bring in a larger amount of profit (i.e., a membership's profitability relies on member retention - a sales page can help attract more best fit members so retention rates go up over time).

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Planning to write a product page for your mini course, workbook, or digital download?

I can help you with that! 🤓

Sales Page Toolkit

Send warm leads from your email list to a sales page strategically written to explain your offering, illustrate the results they can expect if they purchase, address FAQs, prequalify leads, and persuade to the sale.

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The Best Damn Product Page Copy Template

With my simple template, you can quickly write The Best Damn Product Page so you can feel confident that you’ve created a humanized, persuasive piece of sales copy and get back to your launch, PRONTO.

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Sales Page Psychology Guide

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An illustrated icon of a laptop displaying the Sales Page Toolkit.

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