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Ethical Business

Creating More Equity in Your Marketing Content


One of the biggest reasons customers don't buy is because they lack the information they need to make a safe, wise purchase.

I don't know where the entrepreneurial industry got it twisted, but hiding key info from consumers has never been a good marketing strategy.

There's a reason why nutrition labels exist on food packaging, why Dyson vacuums list their features on the side of the box, and why your favorite office supplies (mine are Inkjoy Gel Pens, the literal best) have transparent wrappers or a picture of what's inside.

You would NOT walk into Target and wait for some high school kid in a red vest to tell you all the ways you'll feel happier after buying a mystery item that will supposedly cure your pain.

That would be insane. You'd want to know what the heck you were paying for, all the while wondering why baby-faced Jayden is qualified to tell you what will "fix" your problem.

Excuse me, peach fuzz. You don't know my life!

So why do entrepreneurs sell like that?! Really, why? (I have some theories, but I'll get to that another time.)

Creating EQUITY in your marketing means leveling the playing field so that your customers have access to the same information as you do when deciding if they want to make a purchase.

This means being clear about:

- What's actually included in your offer
- Who it's really for and NOT for
- Average expected results (not exaggerated)
- What the experience will really be like
- The truth about the offer itself

The bottom line: Don't manipulate vulnerable shoppers by hiding "insider information" or details they should be easily able to find about your offer.

Be clear. Be kind. Be compassionate.

Be equitable!

Equitable marketing also means sending high-value CONTENT.

I want you to picture that Dyson vacuum again. The inclusions and details listed on the box are powerful, but on their own, aren't enough to persuade someone to buy. The vacuum actually has to be a high quality vacuum (especially for that price!) and customers need to develop a sense of trust in that before they purchase.

You've probably seen a Dyson commercial that shows the vacuum in action – sucking up dirt on a white carpet, being folded and easily carried up the stairs, or rotating around tricky corners with their signature ball bearing design. This live demonstration is building trustworthiness between the consumer and the product.

For a digital product or course, you need to do something similar. You need to create strong content around your offer to build trust and warm up your leads, so that when you promote it, they'll feel ready to purchase.

Social media is obviously a great place to do this, but please don't put your email list on the back burner.

If you want to launch a new offer to your email subscribers in the future (and actually see results), you need to be regularly sending high-value content to your list. This will train them to expect great emails from your brand, raise your open rates and clickthrough rates over time, and nurture leads who miss your social media content.

Sales Page Toolkit

Send warm leads from your email list to a sales page strategically written to explain your offering, illustrate the results they can expect if they purchase, address FAQs, prequalify leads, and persuade to the sale.

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The Best Damn Product Page Copy Template

With my simple template, you can quickly write The Best Damn Product Page so you can feel confident that you’ve created a humanized, persuasive piece of sales copy and get back to your launch, PRONTO.

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Sales Page Psychology Guide

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An illustrated icon of a laptop displaying the Sales Page Toolkit.

Download the 9-Grid Roadmap

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• A written breakdown of the 9-Grid Sales Funnel and each post's caption theme
• Guidance for when to update or refresh your 9-Grid
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• PLUS a list of 9-Grid examples published by other business owners (categorized by biz type: service providers, coaches/consultants, content creators, and software/tech platforms)

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