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I Found a Legal Contract Template that Saves Me Hours of Time


Contracts are the bane of my existence. There, I said it.

I think a lot of entrepreneurs feel the same way. Contract terminology can be so difficult to understand and putting custom contracts together for each new client eats up a lot of time on the calendar. It can be very painstaking.

On average, creating custom contracts and uploading them to HelloSign (my current signing software of choice) took me upwards of an hour per client. It felt so draining. I knew I had to speed up the process for my own personal sanity and so that I would be able to invoice and onboard my clients faster.

This is when I began looking around for legal contract templates.

I asked a few peers in my mastermind groups if they had any contract template shops they recommended. After getting a few leads, I looked into each recommendation to find the best fit for my needs.

Here are a few sites that I researched.


Rachel Brenke offers a small, focused set of contracts for bloggers, coaches, speakers, employment, website terms, and partnerships. Contracts start around $100 and go up from there.


Ashlee Hightower has a notably larger range of contracts, but for a smaller array of industries. Some of the industries her contracts cover are wedding photography, blogging, virtual assistance, and event planning. Ashlee’s contracts are around $300.


The Creative Law Shop has a large range of contracts for website and shop terms, social media content, brand ambassadors, and industry-based client work. I was really impressed with the volume of their shop, but prices were a bit on the high side (most contracts are in the $300 and up range) and the “law speak” still felt a little hard for me to understand.


The Contract Shop has a large range of well-organized contracts, sorted by industry or type and sold individually or in handy bundles. Most industry-specific contracts start at $300, but they also have an “Under $50 category” that was really helpful. The best part of visiting their website was seeing how committed Christina Scalera and her team are to making legal easy to understand. Their whole brand is based on this value!

I chose to purchase my copywriter agreement contract from The Contract Shop.

After browsing their contract categories I was able to find a copywriter agreement template that was perfect for my needs. I was able to use a 50% off promo code that I had received that week from opting into their free email list. It was truly a right-place, right-time situation!


Christina’s templates come with a PDF version of the contract. Inside the PDF are helpful instructions for customizing the template if needed and a link to find the most current Google Doc version of the content. I was able to copy and paste the content from that Google Doc into my own Google Doc to create a base template for my clients.

Whenever I need to onboard a new client, I make a copy of that doc and rename it before adding it to a folder I named “Original Contracts.” Then I swap out things like client names, email addresses, dates, and project details. When all the important edits have been made, I download it as a PDF and upload it to HelloSign, where I add signature and date boxes.

From there, I send the contract to my clients. Easy peezy! What used to take me an hour or more per client now takes a grand total of 15 minutes.

Can you say, LIFE CHANGING? I feel like I can breathe again!

How to Get Your Own Contract Template from The Contract Shop

If you’re in need of a contract template that is simple to use and makes law easy to UNDERSTAND, I fully recommend The Contract Shop. I’ve used their contracts for the past two years of business and can honestly vouch for how incredible they are. I look forward to purchasing more contracts and bundles from them as my business grows and my strategy shop gains traction.

Even if you’re not ready to make this investment in your business, I encourage you to get on their email list so you can get information about sales and promo codes in the future! They don’t send them super often, but when they do, they’re GOOOOOD.

Find Your Perfect Contract

You can use any link above to view The Contract Shop’s selection of legal contracts for entrepreneurs. If you purchase a contract using one of these links, I’ll earn a small affiliate commission from your order. You will not be charged more for using my links than if you were shopping on your own. Commissions simply help support the Going Ultraviolet strategy shop so I can continue building great sales copy products for you!

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