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Humanized Sales

Honey, I Blew Up My Instagram (Meet the IG Grid Funnel)


In September 2021, I found myself absolutely fed up with the content hustle on Instagram.

I was exhausted from grinding so hard to produce, produce, produce without seeing any ROI in return and had already pulled way back on my sharing. But even though I was only posting once every several weeks and spending most of my time elsewhere (like Stories) the burnout wasn't truly going away.

I had hit a wall... and I realized I was so sick of slamming into it over and over again.

Desperate times called for desperate measures. One evening after biz hours, I made the instinctive (mayhaps... crazy?) decision to archive my entire Instagram feed of 400+ posts. By the next afternoon, I had published a static 9-post puzzle graphic to my feed instead.

Each post in my new feed leads brand new audience members through a "journey" or "funnel" to learn more about me, my biz, my values, and my ethical Sales Page Toolkit.

While I can swap out/edit captions, replace my 9-post puzzle with an updated puzzle, or add seasonal puzzles on top of this one, I don't have any current plans to touch the feed right now. My plan is to only show up in Stories, how and when I want to. Stories are my favorite part of IG anyways!

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What It Looks Like, 2 Months Later

Several people have DM'd me wanting to know what happened after the explosion: "Did you see results?"

I have to laugh just a bit, because that question is more open-ended than we might think. What results do you mean when you ask that question? Typically, people are asking me if I've made more money.

And while that's a great question, I want to expand the idea that ROI only means money. Money is great. But it's not the only metric that matters to me. Here's a more robust breakdown of my ROI after making the change:

  • I felt an IMMEDIATE, tangible release of pressure on my shoulders the moment my puzzle went live and I stepped back from feed posting. It was surreal. Even though I hadn't been posting regularly anyways, I didn't realize how much the "guilt" of not posting was physically affecting me.
  • The first few weeks, my IG engagement soared through the ROOF as people flooded to my IG to check it out and told their friends. I fielded 10+ DM threads and got 3-5 new followers each day for a while (an amount I used to get in a whole week, pre-IG-explosion). My Stories doubled in viewers, from an average of about 75 to 150. This has tapered off a little bit after the first month but it's still rolling organically!
  • Within the first month, I sold a handful of sales copy templates to brand new followers who had never seen my feed or heard of me before, completely passively. Waking up to those surprising sales was the coolest feeling!
  • I was approached to be on 2 different podcasts to talk about blowing up my feed and my humanized sales strategies, and I made some incredible connections with values-centered biz owners doing excellent work in the world.
  • My creativity no longer felt "trapped" in a box that Instagram owned and new ideas surged in my brain. I launched a creative new Brand Manifesto Package and opened 5 spots at beta rates... and immediately sold out of them within the hour. When I opened up 5 more, those sold out too. And I'm currently developing a private podcast series that will launch in January!

You don't have to do things the way they've always been taught. You get to decide what feels good to you. You can choose to do THAT instead. And it can lead to just as much, if not more, success as the strategies you hate.

Where is your creativity begging to be set free? How can you say YES to that part of you today?

Sales Page Toolkit

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The Best Damn Product Page Copy Template

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Sales Page Psychology Guide

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9-Grid Freebie

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