How to Turn Your FAQs into a Persuasion Powerhouse

Today I want to talk about your FAQ section on your Work With Me page.

GASP! Wait, you don't have an FAQ section? Yours is painfully outdated and a little >>ACHOO!<< dusty? GIRL. You need to get on that STAT.

Here's why.

An FAQ section or page is super helpful because it helps to squash the most common objections you get about your offering before they even come up in conversation! This does three amazing things:

  • It gives you a simple way to answer the questions you get in your inbox or DMs (saving you valuable time - just give them the link!)

  • It helps prospective clients determine if your service is the right fit for them

  • And, as a bonus, it helps YOU prequalify your leads so that the right people will get excited to take the next step, and those who don't really fit will gracefully show themselves out

Let's get started.


This is a two-fold answer! First, what questions do you get on a routine basis? Think of the questions you get asked time after time in your inbox, through DMs, or on your discovery calls. Perhaps your graphic design clients ask a lot about the deliverables of your premium logo package. This is a great thing to include in your FAQ section!

Second, add questions that help you prequalify your leads. What do you WISH people asked before they bought or jumped on a call with you? For example, you may add questions like:

Who is this offering for?
Who is this offering NOT for?
Is there a payment plan?
What is the client responsible for?
What's your refund policy?


To earn trust, make sure you answer your FAQs thoughtfully, respectfully, and thoroughly. Let me show you an example.

On my Work With Me page for custom sales pages, one of my FAQs is:

Who will benefit most from a custom, long-form sales page?

My answer:

Sales pages work especially well for established service providers with high-end, signature offerings (like course creators, coaches, strategists, and designers). When prospective clients will be spending a lot of money on a service, they want to feel reassured that they are making a wise investment. The goal of a long-form sales pages is to dissolve fear, dispel doubts, answer objections, and earn trust.

I could have just explained what kind of a person would be a good fit for working with me, but I also took the time to educate my readers on WHY a sales page would work well for them. Taking the time to educate my prospective clients shows I am thoughtful and trustworthy.

This is an important side note. Education is an ethical way to persuade your readers, because it shows that you care, that you want to fill them in on what they don't know, and that you aren't hiding anything from them.


Above all, people look at your FAQs to see if they'll feel safe with you. Because of this, it's important to:

  1. Dispel their doubts

  2. And dissolve their fears

Anticipate their emotional needs. Be a human being. Show readers that you see their fears and that you have their back. Most people are NOT looking for loopholes or hoping to find ways to manipulate you, so don't be afraid of answering tough questions.

A special note:

As you write your FAQs, be aware of yourself and your writing. Sometimes we can be unintentionally manipulative. Go back and evaluate your FAQs to make sure you aren't manipulating readers to the sale.

Instead, look at your FAQs as if you are offering an invitation for them to take the next step with you and giving them the choice to say yes or decline. Just like a normal person building a relationship would.

If you have already read through The Ethical Expert's Guide to Writing a Persuasive Welcome Sequence (sign up in the footer below if you need a copy), you know what the TARES Test is. If you need a refresh, open that doc again for a quick, 5-step checklist to make sure your FAQ copy is not manipulative.

And that's it! Seriously. Writing your FAQ section doesn't have to be hard! Just be a helpful human. :)

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How to Turn Your FAQs into a Persuasion Powerhouse |
How to Turn Your FAQs into a Persuasion Powerhouse |
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