Should you keep your prices public? Here's why I say YES.

1. Public pricing prequalifies your leads.

Prospective clients who are ready to buy and have the money to spend on your services will not be discouraged by your prices. People who balk at your prices are NOT your people!

If you're truly worried about losing a great candidate from sticker shock you can add some copy near your prices to encourage them to reach out for a custom quote or remind them that payment plans are available.

Pro tip: if you offer several tiers of service, at the very least, please tell readers where your prices START.

2. Public pricing saves time for everyone involved.

If someone is shopping around for quotes, they likely won't have time to jump on five discovery calls. Seeing your prices will help them know if you are a great fit for their needs before committing to a call. Being open about your pricing will also save YOU the time of manually sending additional emails and quotes. I still send pricing guides for a few of my add-on offerings that aren't available as standalone services (I typically do this after a discovery call) but I don't send manual quotes for EVERY potential lead anymore. This is a LIFE SAVER.

3. Public pricing is just ethical, period.

Would you want to walk into a car lot, take a test drive, fall in love with the SUV crossover of your dreams, and then hear about the price for the first time as you sit across from a fast-talking salesman in a cold office? No! You'd look at the dang sticker on the windshield first to get a sense of where a sales conversation is going to go, so you'd know if test driving the car is worth it. It's really that simple.

I know I have strong feelings about this and I hope I don't come across as rude. I just don't understand why so many people in the entrepreneurial community want to hide the very information that helps potential clients make a wise, informed decision.

I want to join the ranks of entrepreneurs who are committed to selling and marketing with integrity. Will you join me?

Onwards and upwards,